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JAM Fitness is the best place to get serious fitness results with the added bonus of stepping into a community of people that care about you and your fitness goals. Jon and Matt take the time to teach you proper form and push you whether it’s encouraging you to pick up bigger weights or cracking a joke (or a good pun) in the middle of a workout. JAM Fitness is a fun and collaborative place to get your sweat on. I spent the better part of a year telling all of my friends and family about it for good reason 😌

Julie M.

Jon and Matt are great! There is a big focus on coaching and making sure that I’m doing the exercises correctly. The workouts are always different and fresh which makes me want to go more often. I came from LA fitness and making this change was a great decision.

Larry C.

Joined recently and love everything about this gym. Matt and Jon are amazing coaches that really push you to do your best and truly care about you and your progress. They make the workouts extremely fun and challenging to keep you on your toes. I went from dreading and finding excuses not to go to the gym to going to Jam 6 days a week and it being the best part of my day! Check them out! You won’t be sorry!

Crystal M.

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